Hello, my name is Hunter R. Kissam, Jr., and I am the owner of Grafton Clock Repair. I began my career when I inherited my grandmother’s grandfather clock in 1991. It arrived from Florida missing parts and not in working order.

Although I always considered myself a “Mr. Fix-it”, I quickly found that I was in “over my head” in trying to fix this clock movement. I sought out the help of a local clock maker who suggested a few clock repair books, and where to purchase basic supplies. He told me to come back after I read the books. With his advice and with the use of his equipment, I rebuilt my first clock movement. From there I was hooked.

For the next 10 years, I read books and took on jobs rebuilding clocks, learning as best I could on my own. But it became time to bring it to the next level. The best thing I ever did was decide to go to the NAWCC School of Horology.  I learned the proper procedures of clock repair and graduated in 2002. Although at school I had a big advantage of having been in the industry for years, the truth is I am still learning!


I am currently specializing in particular types of fine clocks and no longer servicing others.



If you’re not sure what type of clock you have, send an email with a picture and/or description to graftonclockrepair@charter.net

Hunter with restored grandfather clock
Hunter at the Hopkinton Library Dedication Ceremony, where he gave a presentation on how he restored this impressive Gilford Tall Clock.

I am proud to be a member of The Willard House & Clock Museum. Thanks for all your referrals!

In 2006, Grafton Clock Repair was selected as an official Howard Miller Service Center for repairs of all Howard Miller clocks.