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Expert repairs of Tall Case, Herschedes Tubular, Banjo, Grandfather, and Regulator Clocks. Servicing the entire CENTRAL MASSACHUSETTS area.

Hello, my name is Hunter R. Kissam, Jr., and I am the owner of GRAFTON CLOCK REPAIR. I began my career in clock repair when I inherited my Grandmother's Grandfather clock in 1991. It arrived from Florida missing parts and not in working order.
Although I always considered myself a "Mr. Fix-it", I quickly found that I was in "over my head" in trying to fix this clock movement. I sought out the help of a local clock maker who suggested a few clock repair books to read, and where to purchase basic supplies. He told me to come back after I read the books. With his advice and with the use of his equipment, I rebuilt my first clock movement.

Recent News

August 7, 2006, the WORCESTER TELEGRAM & GAZETTE featured Hunter R. Kissam, Jr, Horologist and owner of GRAFTON CLOCK REPAIR in the weekly article of "ON THE JOB".
Hunter R. Kissam, Jr.graduated in Oct. of 2002 from the NAWCC (National Association of Watch & Columbia, Pa.
Member of the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers institute (link)